After studying art at San Francisco State University I worked photographing collections for the Museum of California, the San Francisco International Airport Museum and the Society of California Pioneers.

I paint because I love the challenge of creating lifelike images. My series of large animal portraits showed in venues around San Francisco for many years. The dog paintings gained a wider audience after Pomegranate Press published a calendar.

In 1999 I sailed to the South Pacific on a 40 boat with a friend from Mexico to New Zealand, visiting more than forty islands on the way. In 2001 I moved ashore in American Samoa to open a thrift store and continue painting in the islands.

My very first painting was of a monkey, when I was two. My Mom saved my early drawings, which were an eye opener. I've been drawn to many of the same subjects over the years. Fortunately, there has been some improvement.

I'm currently building my own house and painting in Kingston, New York. If you are interested in purchasing a painting or  commissioning artwork please write to me at;

     Catherine Buchanan