Harmony, 48x60", NFS           Collaboration between myself and Arthur Deak
2013-daruma-bronze-deak-buchanan-buddha-project-100-16x20 left w Arthur Deak CA
2013-delineation-deak-buchanan-buddha-project-100-72x60  left w Arthur Deak CA
2013-yasodara-buchanan-deak-buddha-project-100-48x48 left w Arthur Deak CA
2015-bodhisattva-buchanan-deak-buddha-project-100-72x60 left w Arthur Deak CA
2013-daruma-blue-deak-buchanan-buddha-project-100-16x20 left w Arthur Deak CA
The Buddha project was a collaboration between myself and Arthur Deak.
We did more than 20 paintings together. These are my favorite pieces from that time.
Prints are available.
Ancient Ammenite, 32x32", original available
Grace, 46x68", original available
Copyright Catherine Buchanan 2022
The following 2 paintings I did solo.