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30 Paintings in 30 Days, American Samoa                     2012
Painted in the library to demonstrate painting to visiting school classes and library patrons.
Paintings purchased by the Feleti Barstow Library in Utulei for the permanet collection.
     Life-sized whale tail sculpture for  Molokai Fish & Dive in Kaunakai, Hawaii.
Painted with the help of neighborhood kids.
     My parents taught me how to use tools to build things and I have often worked as a carpenter.
     Made of wood that was on it's way to the dump with boat building techniques, lathe nailed to a sculpted plywood frame.
There's a chance it's even sea worthy.
     Since the tail could be viewed through the windows I  painted a spine on the back.
90 Paintings in 90 Days, Molokai, Hawaii, 2011
A project I designed to become a better painter through daily practice. The clam shell was so frustrating that I scraped all the paint off the canvas and left it in the series unfinished, because it looked better than what I was trying to paint. Surprise, it was the first one to sell.
2020  Houses and cabinet
2022 Finished my house!
(6) 8x10" paintings, 9x9x24" cabinet
sold, Thank You Karen!
Hudson River Maritime Museum Wooden Boat School
Summer 2022 Painting Classes:  
The Seven Sentinels
Great times! Thanks so much to the all the wonderful students.